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Social Media Chat + Case Study: Optimal Chiropractic

This week I met with Chiropractor and all-round nice guy; Benjamin Martin of Optimal Chiropractic, to chat about the effect of social media and digital communications on his business.

Google Analytics Goals & Funnels: Explained

In this post I'm going to explain what a goal is, how to set goals and what funnels are in Google Analytics. Try not to blitz all your brain cells!

Top Ten Online Christmas & New Year Tips

We might all think that at Christmas & New Year all we do is watch Eastenders and eat some turkey, but secretly we ponder our businesses. Here are my top ten online tips for the new year...

In-page analytics for powerful click monitoring

Google have released the beta version of 'In-page analytics' and I'm loving it! Find out what you can learn >>

Learning the ‘quantum’ of online marketing

Here’s my top ten list of learning the ‘quantum’ of online marketing...

Will the internet kill the newspaper?

According to a number of news sources from the onset of the year, online marketing and advertising is on the up! Outsell publishing research say that online spending is set to rise to almost 10%. World Wide Worx tells us that the growth of users in South...

Making better use of Google Analytics

You’ve got a website – thats great! You’re tracking it using Google Analytics – even better!! But are you using all the features in a way that makes the most of having it in the first place? A bit about Google Analytics Google...