Social Media

Top Ten Online Christmas & New Year Tips

We might all think that at Christmas & New Year all we do is watch Eastenders and eat some turkey, but secretly we ponder our businesses. Here are my top ten online tips for the new year...

Social media fears and how to address them

Everything you read these days has a connection to social media, because everyone is doing it. But How many of us are scared of social media?

How to shine online

Reached the point where your online presence is positively dull and lacks luster? Your digital self can shimmer and glow just as radiantly with an online makeover. Read on ...

Learning the ‘quantum’ of online marketing

Here’s my top ten list of learning the ‘quantum’ of online marketing...

Multi-media online – Don’t wave bye bye to business

You may have noticed that Google has made quite a number of changes to the search engine interface and filters. For users, this provides optimum control over searched content. Those who edit their website once a year and make no investment will want to...

Twitter and promoted tweets

The much speculated arrival of promoted trends on Twitter has now arrived. The test subject: Toy Story 3 is said to have been 'sold' for thousands of dollars.

Expand your online search horizons

Just when you think you have everything in place and in such a way that every possible search engine has you indexed and ranked - you realise your search horizon is a lot broader than you first thought.

Which social media player are you?

The social web is an intricate weave of strategy, gameplans, networking and just plain socialising. Just for fun, here's the social lineup of the main players, but which one are you?