Social Media Chat + Case Study: Optimal Chiropractic

This week I met with Chiropractor and all-round nice guy; Benjamin Martin of Optimal Chiropractic, to chat about the effect of social media and digital communications on his business.

Suffering from social media sickness?

Hands up if you’re sick of social media or love it so much, you have to log in every day, at least six times. You may be suffering from social media sickness.

5 ways to promote your business online

The web is a big place. Imagine the universe and each website is a star. That's a lot of stars! But what if your website could stand out - shine a bit brighter than the rest? Well, that's the best way that I can describe online promotions. They give...

What every business wants…digital support

As we do the side-step, I'd like to highlight some of our services which are most in demand and definately the way forward for small businesses. I'm terming them 'what every business wants'.

Extra Q&A’s for New Business Bloggers

As promised, here are the outstanding questions in our ‘Q&A’s for new business bloggers‘ series – The place where you ask a question, and we, well,…answer it. As this is numero four, how about catching up on the previous ...

Say hello to the new blog

Hello, and welcome to the 'new look' Online Advocate blog!

Social Media Secret Formula: Treat It Like a Courtship

Has anyone else noticed the similarity between social media and a courtship? A number of key terminology certainly suggests it is, so if we treat socialmedia like a courtship, then maybe we can use it as a formula for improving our performance.

Attracting the right customer

As suppliers and sellers, we need to research the who, where and how to target the RIGHT customer. Here's how to produce a customer profile to do just that.

Top Ten Online Christmas & New Year Tips

We might all think that at Christmas & New Year all we do is watch Eastenders and eat some turkey, but secretly we ponder our businesses. Here are my top ten online tips for the new year...

Social media fears and how to address them

Everything you read these days has a connection to social media, because everyone is doing it. But How many of us are scared of social media?